Face Recognition

The Face-Door Face Recognition System is the first commercial system, which has a live detection function that enables dynamic 3D tracking of human body, and the recognition capacity has exceeded 100,000.

Based on the combination of traditional machine learning and AI technology, the system can accurately extracts 68 feature points of the face and maps them into the 3D stereo space, which can more accurately solve the problems of face angle deviation and feature occlusion.

Visual Identity

The cyclic neural network algorithm based on deep learning models the commodity identification model and collects commodity visual data from multiple angles. Under the different light environment, background and angle, it can directly identify products through the camera and count the price.

Gesture-based Payment

The innovative payment application, which completes the two steps of confirming the consumption list and cashless payment through the induction of customer gestures, not only can save the time to pay by cash or QR code, but also bring convenience to customers and innovate the shopping experience.